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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


If I put on this coat and hat can the world still see me?

I have not been stitching much but have been working on locker hooking. It is worked with a crochet hook and is fun and mindless. So far I have made a rug and hot pad. Pictures soon if I ever get my camera and desktop computer working again.

Stitch and chat is tomorrow night and I have never been. I am thinking of going if I can escape my family. I need to talk to others who craft. Need some inspiration. Maybe a journal of my finished items would help me stay motivated.

I have been looking at my hobbies a lot lately. Trying to understand them. Many times I wonder why I knit and crochet. I cant imagine making one more scarf, hat, shawl, etc. etc. I wonder how many I need and how many I can give as gifts. My yarn stash is out of control. I have way to much. I sometimes want to pitch it all and start over. Is this just the duldrums?? Am I just bored? I think I need a challenge. Sock knitting, cables, a sweater, something different.

My so called "career" in fiber arts has turned out way different than I thought it would be. I was on a personal high after filming the TV shows for DIY network. All plans for a future career were looking up. I started to sell my patterns to yarn stores. I had teaching opportunities. I had publishing opportunities. All things were saying "go for it, you can do this." But then all things changed. Illness plagued my family. Horrible illness. My career came to a screeching halt. All plans put on hold. All engagements were off. Keeping up with the day to day business was difficult. I am still trying to catch up.

New goals.

1. Organize

2. Prioritize

3. Be thankful for the little things.

4. When an opportunity comes along approach it reasonably.

5. Make ME happy with my craft.

6. Challenge myself.

7. Give away half of my yarn stash.

until next time.......


Blogger spirit411 said...

If and I do mean if you mean to start over please give the yarn to a charity who can use to help others. the VA hospital perhaps? or a senior citizen center? one you get the rewards of helping others, two you get a tax break for the value of hte yarn.
But mostly you get to know others are enjoying something you gave away.
another idea is to knit, crochet and give it to those same locations Everyone likes a gift especially for no reason! there are lots of charities who would be thrilled for your items, never stop just look for receipients for items.
there are so many needy out there who may have never had anything handmade they would be overjoyed at the prayer that comes along with anything made form the heart!
Just some thougts hope they help!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Marie in Michigan said...

I loved your opening line about can you see me? Our DGS says that whenever he wears his camoflauge pjs!!
Keep knitting and crocheting--there are lots of charities that need things for preemies, newborns, homeless, seniors, etc.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Just a note to let you know that I am happy to have found your blog. Bless your heart! Hope you are feeling even better now. Sounds like you might have been suffering a bit of "burn out". Your poncho and scarves are most interesting. Very creative. Come visit my crochet blog sometime :-)

5:51 PM  

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