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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

farm girl

Things have completely changed for me and my family. We moved to land that we owned about a year and a half ago, built a house, and have oodles of farm animals. My day now consist of feeding the animals, checking for eggs, filling up water buckets and tending to beautiful babies. We curently have 7 baby goats and 2 of them are bottle babies.

The picture above is Mama Martha and her baby Marie. We have close to 30 goats and 10 sheep. They all have names and are very loving.

Crochet has taken a back burner to farm life. I still have a couple of projects that I am working on but I am not designing right now.

J is still dealing with his illness and we finally have a good group of medicines that are keeping his seizures at a minimum. He has a few other illness things going on right now but that is just like it has always been. He is sick but he just keeps on keeping on. The stress is still huge sometimes and I have to deal with my own anger and depression that overtakes me at times. When it all just seems to much for me I go to my hammock in the woods and thank God for all that I have and listen to the sounds of nature.

So I am back now and will be blogging for my own sanity!!!

until next time.......

Monday, January 12, 2009

Its been such a long time....

Does anyone still read this blog? I have been gone from the crochet/blog world for a while now. Lots of things have changed in my life. Leave me a comment and let me know that you still read this boring blog. I have so much to say and am ready to get started. Just wondering if anyone is listening.....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

defend crochet

Defending Crochet

I have struggled with this subject for as long as I have crocheted. While I completely understand the cause behind the discussion, I often think to myself "WHO CARES!!" There have been many discussion on websites, online magazines, groups, etc. etc. I just dont seem to feel the same as others do. I love crochet and will continue to crochet whether it is viewed as low class trash, doily makin, front porch sittin, toilet set cozy makin, granny square lovin, or beautiful, innovative, one hook lovin, simple, unique and so on.

If you like crochet, great if you dont, great. I dont give a rip if it is accepted or not. I crochet because I want to. Not because it is cool, hip, or the latest fad. I love TP cozies, I think they are cute and silly. I love granny squares and have made many blankets and other items using this motif. I love lacy gorgeous scarves and shawls. I could go on and on about doilies, they are part of my heritage. Why should I run from it? Cant all forms of crochet be beautiful in there own unique way?

I posted the below comment on the discussion that is going on in the Crochet Me Blog

I dont have to take back crochet. It has always been mine and always will be. I make the choice to do what I want. I am not driven by others to make my decisions for me. If the yarn stores dont understand me then so what, if they snub me then I move on and find a store that understands me. Or I will suck it up and deal with it. I dont have to accepted by everyone. That is what makes me who I am.

Why must crochet be accepted by everyone? Not all of us knit but there is no knit revolution that is trying to convert the world.

Love your crochet share it with others and you will find that it will grow all on its own.

So what do you think? Am I just a throw back to the 60's with all the love, peace, and happiness? Maybe. But with all the crap that is going on in our universe, do we really need to fight about something else????

until next time......

Thursday, August 31, 2006

title this......

That Girl Talks is gone, I never posted on it. I have a new blog where I will yack about my thoughts, fears, trials, tribulation, and all other things of life that don't pertain to my craft. If you want to read about me go to my yacker blog appropriately named marlodaca yacks

On the crafting front I have started to needle felt, made two purses and a duck, knitted umpteen fish, have not touched a hook for a while now, bought a sheep and a goat. Watched a sheep get sheared and I got to keep the wool.

The sheep and the goat are my daughters. They have joined FFA and I am thrilled. The sheep is named No Llamo (no name in spanish) and the goat is named Carrot Top. We have lived at the barn I now have fleece promised from 3 sheep. Soon to be more I am sure. We live at the barn and it is wonderful. The FFA kids and families are the nicest truest people I have ever met.

A few pictures.

until next time.........

Monday, August 07, 2006


The cell phone camera to the rescue. Not the best quality photo but it is better than nothing. This is where I keep all the fish in progress and all of the balls of handspun yarn. My kitty likes to carry them around the house so I had to make a bag with a closure. The bag is made with 12 fish and a crocheted base and crochet around the top of the bag. A simple drawstring was woven in to close the top and two handles attached to the back turned it into a backpack.

fun fun!

until next time........

Sunday, August 06, 2006

tv debut

My TV debut will be tomorrow on DIY network. The show is called Uncommon Threads, and it airs at 9:30 central time. I am on the show with Tiffany and Julie Both girls were super fun to work with and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. If you watch it let me know what you think!!

Still working on fish for the afghan and have finished a fish purse. Pictures to come soon.

until next time.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

dose of reality

I am a reality show junkie but this years summer shows have me all crazy. Here are a few of my thoughts......

America's Got Talent- No TALENT!! except the kid who plays the harmonica. Yodel girl is cute but I can only listen to a yodel song for so long. What I think they need to add to show to liven it up is a "david hasselhoff camera" a small little blip of him in the corner of the screen all the time would rock. HE is the entertainment for me. Is he crazy or does he just love himself a whole lot.

The One: Making a Music Star- OH MY GOSH--- just about every person on this show is TONE DEAF. The judges have no clue as to what is good or not. I personally dont care if they have worked with Puffy, Ozzy, or whomever. The contestants are bad.

Big Brother- Love the show. I have watched every season and love it all. Big Brother All Stars are too cool. I was so happy that Allison went first. This is the first show that I will ever remember the first person kicked off. Only because Allison drove me nuts. Danielle need to go next . She lights my fire. Chill Town- totally stupid. Will- pale as a ghost and the creepiest doctor in the universe. Diane- cry baby. Erica- beautiful but needs some self esteem.

Supernova- Tommy Lee I love/hate you. You are soo cool and you know it. Humble yourself. Dave Navarro- eww you are too skinny. Girl with redish hair- are you able to summons the devil at any time for your beck and call? Australian guy you deserve the win. Guy with blue eyeshadow- please use some make up remover.

Master of Champions- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Hell's Kitchen- will someone please put a sock in Sara's mouth. Why does the FORMER prisoner think he can cook. Prison kitchen clearly did not give him experience in rack of lamb, risotto, shrimp, chicken, beef, pasta, vegtables, rice, soup, fresh fruit, etc. etc. etc. Is Tuesday rack of lamb and shrimp day? If it is I am gonna find me a prison to visit for lunch.

Treasure Hunters- Geniuses- gosh your dumb. you have proven that there is a difference between street smarts and book smarts, and you flunked street smart school. Wild Hanlons- karma bit you in the butt, you should watch My name is Earl, but then again you probably wont understand it.

Good shows anyone???

until next time.........