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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

dose of reality

I am a reality show junkie but this years summer shows have me all crazy. Here are a few of my thoughts......

America's Got Talent- No TALENT!! except the kid who plays the harmonica. Yodel girl is cute but I can only listen to a yodel song for so long. What I think they need to add to show to liven it up is a "david hasselhoff camera" a small little blip of him in the corner of the screen all the time would rock. HE is the entertainment for me. Is he crazy or does he just love himself a whole lot.

The One: Making a Music Star- OH MY GOSH--- just about every person on this show is TONE DEAF. The judges have no clue as to what is good or not. I personally dont care if they have worked with Puffy, Ozzy, or whomever. The contestants are bad.

Big Brother- Love the show. I have watched every season and love it all. Big Brother All Stars are too cool. I was so happy that Allison went first. This is the first show that I will ever remember the first person kicked off. Only because Allison drove me nuts. Danielle need to go next . She lights my fire. Chill Town- totally stupid. Will- pale as a ghost and the creepiest doctor in the universe. Diane- cry baby. Erica- beautiful but needs some self esteem.

Supernova- Tommy Lee I love/hate you. You are soo cool and you know it. Humble yourself. Dave Navarro- eww you are too skinny. Girl with redish hair- are you able to summons the devil at any time for your beck and call? Australian guy you deserve the win. Guy with blue eyeshadow- please use some make up remover.

Master of Champions- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Hell's Kitchen- will someone please put a sock in Sara's mouth. Why does the FORMER prisoner think he can cook. Prison kitchen clearly did not give him experience in rack of lamb, risotto, shrimp, chicken, beef, pasta, vegtables, rice, soup, fresh fruit, etc. etc. etc. Is Tuesday rack of lamb and shrimp day? If it is I am gonna find me a prison to visit for lunch.

Treasure Hunters- Geniuses- gosh your dumb. you have proven that there is a difference between street smarts and book smarts, and you flunked street smart school. Wild Hanlons- karma bit you in the butt, you should watch My name is Earl, but then again you probably wont understand it.

Good shows anyone???

until next time.........

Thursday, July 06, 2006

summer hat or how many chins??