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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

farm girl

Things have completely changed for me and my family. We moved to land that we owned about a year and a half ago, built a house, and have oodles of farm animals. My day now consist of feeding the animals, checking for eggs, filling up water buckets and tending to beautiful babies. We curently have 7 baby goats and 2 of them are bottle babies.

The picture above is Mama Martha and her baby Marie. We have close to 30 goats and 10 sheep. They all have names and are very loving.

Crochet has taken a back burner to farm life. I still have a couple of projects that I am working on but I am not designing right now.

J is still dealing with his illness and we finally have a good group of medicines that are keeping his seizures at a minimum. He has a few other illness things going on right now but that is just like it has always been. He is sick but he just keeps on keeping on. The stress is still huge sometimes and I have to deal with my own anger and depression that overtakes me at times. When it all just seems to much for me I go to my hammock in the woods and thank God for all that I have and listen to the sounds of nature.

So I am back now and will be blogging for my own sanity!!!

until next time.......


Blogger The Epiphany Artist said...

beautiful picture of life goin on :)I so wish I could live back out in the country again

4:42 PM  
Blogger K :) said...

Even though things seem pretty hard at times being on the farm, it sounds like you are still able to take in all of the good things as well. I'm glad. Thanks for keeping your crochet site up! I'm teaching my daughter how to crochet. She's working on one of your little purse patterns. She still has a little trouble with the stitch size, but we're having fun doing it together! Through your website, I'm able to show her all the fun things she can make. Thank you! Take care! Stay positive! Be Happy!

3:10 PM  
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