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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

defend crochet

Defending Crochet

I have struggled with this subject for as long as I have crocheted. While I completely understand the cause behind the discussion, I often think to myself "WHO CARES!!" There have been many discussion on websites, online magazines, groups, etc. etc. I just dont seem to feel the same as others do. I love crochet and will continue to crochet whether it is viewed as low class trash, doily makin, front porch sittin, toilet set cozy makin, granny square lovin, or beautiful, innovative, one hook lovin, simple, unique and so on.

If you like crochet, great if you dont, great. I dont give a rip if it is accepted or not. I crochet because I want to. Not because it is cool, hip, or the latest fad. I love TP cozies, I think they are cute and silly. I love granny squares and have made many blankets and other items using this motif. I love lacy gorgeous scarves and shawls. I could go on and on about doilies, they are part of my heritage. Why should I run from it? Cant all forms of crochet be beautiful in there own unique way?

I posted the below comment on the discussion that is going on in the Crochet Me Blog

I dont have to take back crochet. It has always been mine and always will be. I make the choice to do what I want. I am not driven by others to make my decisions for me. If the yarn stores dont understand me then so what, if they snub me then I move on and find a store that understands me. Or I will suck it up and deal with it. I dont have to accepted by everyone. That is what makes me who I am.

Why must crochet be accepted by everyone? Not all of us knit but there is no knit revolution that is trying to convert the world.

Love your crochet share it with others and you will find that it will grow all on its own.

So what do you think? Am I just a throw back to the 60's with all the love, peace, and happiness? Maybe. But with all the crap that is going on in our universe, do we really need to fight about something else????

until next time......