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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Why did I get a Flu shot? I have no idea why. I got the worst flu that I have ever had. A day by day account of my adventure for your pleasure.

Christmas eve eve (as my kids call it) - scratchy throat, irritating cough, horrible nights sleep

Christmas Eve- no energy, annoying cough, popping cough drops like candy, energy is being sucked out of me quickly, sneezing alot and mild upset stomach.

Christmas- God gave me enough energy to open presents with my girls, I then laid on the couch and fell asleep, I had no strength to go to my parents. My body aches, my head feels like someone is carving it with a knife, acid is running down my nose cavities. I cant remember what feeling good feels like.

Day after Christmas- I want to sink into the ground, I cant function. It is all I can do to get up and go to the bathroom. I cant get out of bed. My head hurts so bad I think it might pop off my body. The body aches are overwhelming. my cough has left and that can only mean one thing, a secondary infection. I continually pray for God to help me make it and to spare my family. A very strong prescription pain medicine doesnt even dent the headache. Continued sweats and fever. I cant take it.

2nd day after Christmas- A deseperate call to the doctor at 7:58 am. thank God, they answer. I have an apponitment at 11:15. The cough is back and so is the stuff that is in my lungs. Not good. My breathing machine and I will be visiting with one another. The headache is so severe. I get a shot and an antibiotic. He says that my lungs are full and am wheezing. Husband and daughter now have the flu. I can ony hope that getting them medicine early will help them out. I lay on the couch and pop 2 different pain pills. Finally some relief. Body still hurts. I was actually able to sit up for a couple of hours.

3rd day after Christmas- Still feel like crap. Body aches still going strong, coughing up nasty stuff. Sitting up longer. Wondering how long this flu will last.

until next time......


Blogger Kari said...

ugh sorry you have been sick. Hope you feel better and your fmaily does too.

3:42 AM  

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