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Monday, January 30, 2006


i have seen a lot of blogs that have the 4 things about meme on them. I am such a rebel that I am going to do one thing about meme.

1 job:
Dairy Queen I am the most awesome Blizzard maker that ever was. I can still remember handing my first Blizzard out the to go window and my lovely trainer whipped my arm around and made me hand it to the lady upside down. Whacko.... Upside- I can still make a perfect "Q" on the top of my soft serve cones.

1 car:
A honda CVCC it was a funky piece of crap. It was an automatic that had a two speed shift with no clutch. 4 door goofy hand me down car.

1 Vacation:
Disney World- pure he**. Hot and packed. Fat people on larks running everyone over. You have to ride a boat to get to the stupid place. Sweat run downs your back and crack before you get to the Most Wonderful Place on Earth.

1 favorite food:

1 tv show:
Forensic Files

1 movie:
Tommy Boy ( yep I love the deep thought kinda movies huh??)

1 place I have lived:
A hotel in New York for two weeks when I was a kid.

1 place I'd rather be right now:
On a hammock under the stars in the middle of my acreage.

1 person I tagged:
me me

until next time.........


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