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Monday, September 19, 2005


Finally an answer. Complex Seizures. A lot of things will change in our house. The best news is that he might come home tomorrow. I can't wait to have my husband home again.

Love your mate. Nothing else is important.


Blogger Knitti-me said...

Thank God you have answers! Glad he's on his way home. Blessings on you and your precious family.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I'm so glad they know what it is now! I can't even imagine how frightening this must have been for you. I hope the docs get the seizures under control quickly now that they know what's going on...

6:26 PM  
Blogger BeautifulBusyBrain said...


I've been looking at your crochet designs for quite awhile now, and stumbled upon this blog in my knitting trek - talk about coming full-circle!

Anyway, I wanted to share that I have temporal lobe epilepsy (complex partial seizures) - it's under control now, but it was pretty scary for awhile, and I was one of the first 50 pregnancies on the drug Lamictal. (My daughter, instead of having neurological problems, is 98th percentile developmentally on physical and mental fronts.)

You are welcome to post back to me, or to e-mail me - I have my BTDT (BeenThereDoneThat) from the School of Hard Knocks, and I'll help any way I can.

I'm 40, a teacher, wife, mom, artist, and as of August 22, I am 7-years seizure-free.

It's not an easy road to walk, but you walk it the same as any other, one step at a time.


5:35 PM  

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