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Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans

We went to New Orleans every time we visited my Grandparent when I was a child. My Grandparents lived in Franklinton, Louisiana. When we would drive in to the city we would go over Lake Ponchatrain. The bridge is really long and noisy, I can still remember the cla clunk,cla clunk, cla clunk, sound driving in my grandparent big old tan colored car. My grandmother would always remind us that if we had to go to the bathroom she had a blow up toilet in the trunk and my Grandpa would be happy to pull over if we had to pee. Thankfully my sister and I knew how to hold it for the ride.

Cafe Du Monde was the first place that we would go once we arrived. We would eat a huge plate of Beignets .

Later on we would go and watch the ships. That was Grandpa's favorite thing to do. Walking up and down Bourbon street was always entertaining. On one of our trips there was a man walking down the street in a diaper and blue clown wig. Weird... We always visted a shop that sold the best pecan pralines and then we went to the Italian Deli. We would always buy a big bowl of Giardiniera Mix. This is the best vegtable and olive mix in the world. We would eat so much that we would finish it before we got back to the car.

I love New Orleans, the people, the music, the entertainers on every street corner, the food and the memories. I am deeply saddened for the entire city. The pictures on the news are horrible. I cant believe what I am seeing, and I can't look away.

Please do what you can to help out, donate what you can and pray.

The lack of assistance to those who didn't evacuate is horrible. They want water and food. The local government let the citizens down. Harry Connick Jr. said that he could load up a truck with water and take it to the people at the convention center and be there in an hour. But the "officials" said it wasn't safe. Ridiculous. These people want to live, all they want is help. Food. Water. Kindness. Help. Relief. Life.

Congress should not have to come back early from their vacation to get these people the water that they need to survive.

until next time..............

Have you seen the little boy who has the Sponge Bob shirt on and is talking about his 76 year old diabetic grandma? He will be in politics when he grows up. I wanted to listen to every word he had to say. What an amazing little boy.


Blogger Chris said...

Thank you for stating what I have been thinking. Why didn't the state government respond quicker. Why does it fall on the shoulders of the Federal Government? And FEMA should only be called upon to help people get back on their feet. I never knew them to be a relief organization.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Kari said...

The rep for the Salvation army said they had been walking in and giving water etc to whoever they came across but kept getting run out by "offcials" saying it wasn't safe.
I notice since his first saying that on fox it has never been repeated anywhere else or even on fox again..
FEMA dropped the ball big time on this. Wth are we giving them money for? Their excuse is they had no cell phone or email... hello??? hurricane...? big wind??? has a tendacy to knock out comm lines... why didn't they plan on that in emergancy planning?
They big time messed up...

1:40 PM  

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